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Originals vs. Replicas
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Originals vs. Replicas

Some firms that produce the original designs, such as Cassina, already include on their website data that can help us distinguish an original from a copy.

Little by little the classic furniture of the twentieth century and especially its most representative and iconic pieces have been gaining a popularity hitherto unknown.

Esta popularidad está siendo aprovechada por empresas que fabrican réplicas bajo el paraguas de “diseño inspirado en” o “reproducción”… Bien, vamos a llamarlas por su nombre: Falsificaciones.

I would never buy a bag that would put Louis Vuitton, Prada or a watch that put Rolex if it was not authentic. But with bags and watches it is easier to identify a copy. We know it mainly for its price, if a bag that costs 6.000, we try to sell it by 500, it is clear that something does not fit, on the other hand the place where it is sold gives us an idea of ​​what we are buying: it is not the same to go to a jewelery that to the back of a watchmaker's shop in a Chinese district of any city, this is clear.

But, what about the furniture? It is much harder to hide a sofa or an armchair than a purse, so those who sell fakes do not usually do it in stores. Much more popular are online stores. Here comes the great deception because the photos they use to sell their fakes correspond to original pieces and it is very difficult to recognize the change.

Some firms that produce the originals as Cassina, already include in your website data that can help us distinguish an original from a copy.

But if those who try to sell us the fake, they send us a photo of an original. How do we know what we are buying?

En Naharro we do not like copies and we only sell original pieces. If you find the same article in another web 3 or 4 times cheaper, obviously it is a fake. The quality of the product offered will never be like the original, so the purchase will always end up being expensive.

We only distribute original parts, protected by intellectual property laws. For each of these parts there is only one authorized manufacturer who has the production rights over it and for which Naharro es Dealer authorized officer.