About Us

About Us

In 1963, Pepe and Emilio Naharro opened their first workshop on Granada Street. There, were the joinery, upholstery and varnishing that performed work for both private homes and public buildings, Ministries and even National Heritage.

Naharro was soon listed as a reference point for those looking for quality work in English-style furniture, so fashionable in those times. After many years, changes in style in architecture and decoration made Naharro reinvent itself.

And so, in 2005, with the generational change, Naharro Showroom was born. A space in which Naharro continued to pursue the design classics from a more current perspective and where each brother had a very determined and necessary role for the development of this project. Enrique in the product search and “alma mater” of the business, Jose Manuel in the financial work, Fernando in the technical part and Nuria in the commercial department. In those years, Naharro became a distributor of firms such as Knoll, Cassina o Vitra among others and thus they were integrating to the Naharro catalog original pieces designed by great architects of the XNUMXth century.

In 2015, they rehabilitate the initial workshop on Granada Street and turn it into a unique art gallery where pieces of painting, sculpture, antiques and furniture from the XNUMXth century share space.

In an interview on the occasion of this new opening, Enrique said: “While in the showroom we always made a commitment to international furniture firms, in the Gallery we want to bet on the designers of the twentieth century who are the main protagonists of all our work. Without them, neither space would make sense. Both have their own identity. ”

To inaugurate this new space, Enrique Naharro had it clear: “Poul Kjaerholm He was the first cabinetmaker of steel and his pieces are authentic poems, timeless, perfect and simple. At the time it was a groundbreaking breaker and, with it, has managed to earn a deserved position in the history of design. The Naharro Gallery was to be born with this exhibition. ”

In the selection of the pieces that make up the Naharro catalog, those responsible will maintain a historicist and technical criteria, but also sentimental. “We do not bet on commercial pieces or easy to incorporate into projects, but for those that excite and love us. We have always done that and we will continue to do so, ”concludes Nuria.