zeitraum manufactures attractive furniture of excellent quality and design, which impress and thrills with its simplicity in solid wood.
They are not just furniture, it is an aptitude for life and the things that surround us.
His designs are clearly minimalist and ecological, created for a specific purpose and utility, using solid oak or walnut mainly.
zeitraum print to the objects that accompany us every day a practical, pleasant and at the same time discreet. It stands out at the same time for its careful design.
Reflecting this are the collections of beds, chairs, tables, etc., which he manufactures following the purest craft traditions.
All this is only possible through close, long-lasting and trustworthy cooperation with its production partners, most of whom are less than three hours away by car.
Naharro furniture is an official distributor of the Zeitraum furniture brand with exhibition in its Madrid stores and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.

Featured products of Zeitraum