Serralunga is a world reference in the design of furniture and outdoor objects. It has become an extraordinary example as a company due to its centuries-old evolution, as it was founded in Italy in 1825.
It is characterized by exclusive designs both in the conception and in the production of original pots, lighting elements and furniture.
The designs are conceived as elements in complete harmony with the environment, a fusion of nature and matter with always striking shapes.
En Serralunga is essential joint work with prestigious designers, who create extraordinary sculptural pieces.
Among some of the famous creators are Philipp Starck, Sottsass Asociati, Karim Rash Id, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Marc Sadler and Claudio Bellini.
Naharro furniture is the official distributor of the outdoor furniture brand Serralunga with an exhibition in its Madrid stores and online store, where you can see and buy its entire catalog.