Oluce is an Italian lighting design firm, the oldest that is still active today.
Founded in the 1945 year, it was a great success in the IX Triendal of 1951, in the lighting section directed by Achille, Livio and Pier G. Castiglioni. The firm quickly reached an international audience, thanks to the vision of Gio Ponti.
Already in the decade of the 70 years, Vico Magistretti became the principal designer and artistic director of OluceDelivering a hallbrand and a legacy of global recognition.
From these years, collaboration with the most prestigious designers on the international scene is constant: Hannes Wettstein, Marco Romanelli, Sebastian Bergne, Laudani and Romanelli, the brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana. This group of designers was later reinforced by the addition of the American Tim Power, Harri Koskinen and the Italian Carlo Colombo.
For, OluceThe new millennium opens with new alliances and new energy. Each of your projects remains an important avenue of research and innovation.
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