marset is a lighting firm that designs and creates contemporary lamps and lighting systems to create atmospheres with character.
Born in the decade of the 40 years as a family business dedicated to the casting of metals, marset is anchored on decades of experience to actually become a young brand that has a strong global presence and vocation.
It has a strong vocation for good design, understood as the impeccable execution of each project, capable of innovating and surprising, of exciting and accompanying. Their lamps are first and foremost tangible products capable of lasting over time.
Through technical rigor and creativity, in order to discover new features and provide other uses, marset looks ahead. That vision restless and multidirectional, curiosity and the ability to imagine what is to come, arise the different pieces of the collection, branded by authenticity, in a coated simplicity of direction or integrated with intent to sobriety decorative factor .
Naharro furniture is official distributor of Marset in its stores in Madrid and online store.

Featured products of Marset