Louis Poulsen

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting design firm. True to the tradition of Scandinavian design, for them the form follows the function.
For this reason, the firm creates lighting pieces of high quality design for private spaces and urbanized areas.
He bases his philosophy of lighting on three concrete concepts: functionality, comfort and environment. In this way, its lamps are very famous for their innovation, simplicity and exceptional treatment of light.
In addition, it collaborates closely with its designers and professional partners, planning and developing the product that best suits the user's tastes.
Louis Poulsen is among the 10 largest suppliers of the world of lighting in the European brandet and among one of the three leaders at a non-domestic level in the United States.
Naharro furniture is official distributor of Louis Poulsen in his stores in Madrid and online store.

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