Gubi It is a Danish firm original furniture and lighting design characterized by the search for icons of the past and contemporary designs forefront of new creators.
It draws inspiration from lost iconic remnants of the past and avant-garde designs, resulting in an eclectic collection of furniture and lamps that blur the lines between past and future. Its collection of furniture and lamps is made up of highly aesthetic original designs that make you think, and are characterized by their simple shapes, original materials and innovative techniques that defy time and space.
Each piece of Gubi It is exquisite in its own right, with a story to tell, capturing a fleeting moment in history that is still relevant today.
The firm was founded in 1967 and from 2001 incorporates a creative vision in its designs, placing it as a global player in the furniture and design lamps scene, some of which have been exhibited in the most important museums of the planet.
Naharro furniture is an official distributor of the Gubi furniture brand with exhibition in its Madrid stores and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.