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Fredericia was founded in 1911 as Fredericia Stolefabrik (Fredericia Chair Factory), by entrepreneur NP Ravnsø, who successfully ran the company until his death in 1936. From the beginning, Ravnsø wanted his new company to be known for its high quality, and throughout her tenure she hired only the most skilled craftsmen, something that quickly led to Fredericia Stolefabrik being known for her high-quality furniture in various styles.
The small industrial town in western Denbrand, Fredericia, was the setting for the Danish International Furniture Exhibition. So it was no accident that Ravnsø chose Fredericia for his adventure.
Simple principles guide them in their ambition to create and deliver a collection that they believe will be the modern originals of tomorrow. Simple principles that honor exceptional quality through careful selection of materials, functionality and attention to detail.
Fredericia stands out for its collaborations with a carefully selected circle of international designers, all of whom are recognized for their exceptional level of integrity in design, as well as their ability to identify and nurture talent. All with the ambition to create a contemporary design that is always beautifully crafted, relevant and aesthetically intriguing.
In 2020, Fredericia acquired the firm Erik Jorgensen.
Naharro furniture is an official distributor of the Fredericia furniture brand with exhibition in its Madrid stores and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.