E15 is a firm dedicated to the design and manufacture of furniture in solid wood. It has a modern and timeless design language, employs specially selected materials and high quality German manufacture, with furniture in solid oak and walnut. They emphasize their chairs, stools, bookcases, tables, benches, beds and consoles that seem cut directly from logs.
It was co-founded at 1995 by architect Philipp Mainzer, it quickly became an international brand for versatility in design.
En E15 they coexist a coherent, substantial and unique sense of discreet luxury, with a linear design in all their furniture. Creative collaborations and influences of art, architecture and fashion among others, together with the innovative use of high quality materials, place the German firm in a preferential position in the international market.
Naharro furniture is official distributor of E15 in its stores in Madrid and online store.

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