BD Barcelona Design

BD Barcelona Design is the Spanish furniture and home accessories company with the most prestige and international recognition in the world of design.
It was founded in 1972 by the prestigious architects and designers Pep Bonet, Lluis Clotet, Cristian Cirici, Mireia Riera and Oscar Tusquets as a production vehicle for all those pieces of furniture, objects and accessories that did not exist in stores.
In the catalog BD there are designs by contemporary creators as important internationally as Alfredo Häberli, Jaime Hayón, Konstantin Grcic or Ross Lovegrove, or historical as Antoni Gaudí or Salvador Dalí.
It offers a new sensibility, a different perception of the objects that for years have been enriched until getting a collection where contemporary pieces coexist with works of admired classic masters.
Search for each piece the best of the processes, the most appropriate to its essence, so that each and every one of them are the result of the care and attention of artisan techniques or the most intelligent technological features.
Naharro furniture is an official distributor of the BD Barcelona Design furniture brand with exhibition in its Madrid stores and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.