The history of Baxter It began as a love at first sight, in this case towards a material: leather. Artisanal procedures with a natural design generate unique pieces created from leather.
The furniture is designed and created to convey emotions, a combination of culture and quality in which leather is transformed into the valuable raw material and the symbol par excellence of this brand, skillfully manipulated and treated in a natural way, improving its properties and intrinsic qualities.
Personalized attention marks all aspects of the activity and production. Each process has a very high manual component, which allows precise control of the smallest details. The production is fully adapted to the needs of the client, through a comprehensive, complete and exciting experience that transmits that genuine touch characteristic of the furniture of Baxter.
In addition, it has a distinctive style based on the best leather and excellent workmanship of its products and is a unique brand dedicated to a sophisticated clientele.
Naharro furniture is official distributor of Baxter in its Madrid stores and online store.

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