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Nina mair

Nina mair He was born in 1978 in Austria and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and at the Leopold Franzens University in Innsbruck. She founded the design studio Pudelskern together with two partners in 2006. Since 2012, Nina Mair has been working as a product designer and interior designer in Innsbruck.
Nina Mair's work focuses on the definition of individual identity. Working closely with his clients, he develops a storyboard first, outlining the entire design process. Providing an outline of the design process through completion, the storyboard serves as the basis for the development of architectural objects and designs.
Nina Mair's designs are characterized by understanding of materials, timeless design, functionality, and a sense of humor.
Naharro furniture distributes the pieces manufactured by different furniture and lighting brands and designed by Nina Mair in its stores in Madrid and online store, with delivery and assembly service throughout Spain. Ask us for any additional information.

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