Marcel Gascon

Marcel Gascoin designer

Marcel Gascon (1907-1986) was one of the leading postwar French furniture designers. It is recognized for the vital role it played in rebuilding France after World War II, when its modular storage units and matching wooden furniture sets, with a focus on clean aesthetics and functionality, became a staple. for French households.
During the post-war real estate crisis in France, Gascoin worked as an architect and interior designer for the French Ministry of Reconstruction and Urbanism, designing and building homes and accompanying furniture. He drew on his love of wood, his childhood fascination for compact and efficient nautical interiors, and his training as an interior designer and cabinetmaker to create a new standard of furniture.
Gascoin was a member of the UAM (Union of Modern Artists) along with important modernist designers such as Robert Mallet Stevens, Charlotte Perriand, René Herbst and Le Corbusier. In his own workshop, Gascoin passed on his knowledge to the next generation, and several of Gascoin's apprentices, such as Michel Mortier, Pierre Paulin, and Joseph-André Motte, went on to have distinguished careers as designers in their own right.
Today, Gascoin's work, which was not recognized for a long time, has been progressively rediscovered by collectors, who adore his simple and eye-catching furniture creations.
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