Josep Torres Clave

Josep Torres Clavé designer

Josep Torres Clavé (Barcelona, ​​1906 - Els Omellons, 1939) was an architect, urban planner, designer and teacher. Founding member of the GATCPAC (Group of Catalan Artists and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture) and prominent introducer of rationalist architecture in our country.
He began his career as an architect together with Josep Lluís Sert and Antoni Bonet Castellana. Precisely with Sert and Joan Baptista Subirana he projected some of the most important works of Catalan rationalism, such as the City of Rest and Holidays in Castelldefels (1932) or the General Antitubercular Dispensary in the city of Barcelona (1936).
In his short career as a designer he left an imprint, however, forceful. He designed chairs, tables and lamps, among other pieces of furniture, among which the Torres Clavé armchair stands out, reissued by Mobles 114.
Josep Torres Clavé died at 33 years of age, during the Spanish Civil War.
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