Jens Risom

Designer Jens Risom

Jens Risom (1916 - 2016) worked in Stockholm for a year before graduating from the prestigious Kundstandvaerkerskolen in Copenhagen.
He left Denbrand to work in the United States at 1938 and, for two years, served as Director of Interior Design at the Dan Cooper, Inc. studio in New York before embarking on an independent career focused on furniture and textiles. He worked ingeniously in the context of the limitations of the shortage of material during the war, being able to design innovative pieces.
He returned to the United States at 1946 to launch his own design company, Jens Risom Design, which he directed until the beginning of 1970. After selling his company, he moved to Connecticut and created a design consulting firm. He is a member of the Rhode Island School of Design and was knighted by Queen Margaret of Denbrand at 1996.
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