Designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen

Hans Sandgren Jakobsen He was born in Copenhagen in 1963. Originally he trained as a cabinetmaker, then went on to study industrial design at the Danish School of Design in Copenhagen. During this time he visited the United States to study Shakers crafts. Later he moved to Japan to work for "COBO Diseño" in Nagoya. In 1991, she started working for Danish designer Nanna Ditzel. In late 1997, he became self-employed, and since then has completed projects for companies such as VIA, Kohseki, Art Andersen & Copenhagen, Fritz Hansen, Frederica Furniture Werner, Askman Furniture and Light Years. Combine functionality with minimalism.
Naharro furniture distributes the pieces manufactured by different furniture brands designed by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen in its Madrid stores and online store, with delivery and assembly service throughout Spain. Ask us for any additional information.

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