Guido Rosati

Designer Guido Rosati

Guido Rosati He was born in Abruzzo and moved to Rome in 1970. After completing his architecture studies, he dedicated himself to the world of design, where he began to experiment with techniques related to the development of multifunctional furniture. From the 70s to the 90s he created innovative lamps for lighting firms. At the same time, he also carries out the design of sofas for the most prestigious Italian furniture firms, winning prestigious awards.
More recently, he has collaborated with the General Management of leading furniture and upholstery companies. His creative periods have alternated with experiences in various other areas of the world of design.
Naharro furniture distributes the pieces manufactured by different furniture and lighting brands and designed by Guido Rosati in its Madrid stores and online store, with delivery and assembly service throughout Spain. Ask us for any additional information.

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