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Arne norell (1917-1971) was born in 1917 in Åsele, Sweden, and was active in the post-war era, at the height of international fascination with Scandinavian design. In 1958, he launched his eponymous manufacturing company, Møbel AB Arne Norell, on a two-acre farm in Småland. Throughout his prolific career, this idyllic setting remained Norell's central source of inspiration and the site where he designed and produced all of his own furniture until his passing in 1971.
Norell is often praised for being a pioneer in "conceptual" furniture, for employing traditional materials (leather, turned wood, bentwood, and metal, for example) in unexpected ways, often with lyrical results. His designs have an affinity with those of the Danish designer Kaare Klint (1888-1954), who, a generation earlier, brought traditional vernacular forms to modernist expression.
Today, Norell's daughter and son-in-law, Marie Norell-Möller and Thomas Möller, continue their work, operating under the name of Norell Møbel AB. In 2014, the company celebrated its 60th anniversary. It is the only Swedish company that has continuously manufactured the entire Norell catalog since the 1950s.
Norell's pieces have become increasingly collectable in the 2010s.
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