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Antonio Saura

Antonio Saura (Huesca, 1930 - Cuenca, 1988) begins to paint and write in Madrid, in 1947, while recovering from tuberculosis that keeps him immobilized for five years. There begin first pictorial experiences. He creates numerous drawings and paintings of a dreamlike and surrealist character in which he generally represents imaginary landscapes that he shapes into a flat, smooth and color-rich material.
As a result of his stay in Paris, he begins to paint occupying the space of the canvas in several and very diverse ways, creating his own formal structures that he will not stop developing.
The work of Antonio Saura takes from surrealism the negative, the monstrous, the natural, the violent and the intuitive; of Action Painting, takes the gestural character of the creative process and informalism, the abstraction.
The female figure will be a constant in Saura's work. In its last stage, it rejects the small format to create large compositions in which it also introduces the color. Some examples are Transformations or Overlays.
Of his extensive production stand out the series Crucifixiones, history of Spain, Multitudes, Imaginary portraits or Saurimaquias.

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