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Andrés Monteagudo

Andrés Monteagudo (Granada, 1970) is licensed at 1996 at the BBAA in Granada, specializing in painting and sculpture. Between 1994 and 1995 he finished an MA in Photography and Audiovisual Media at Thames Valley University, London.
Since then he has been represented, among others, by the galleries Herrero de Tejada, in Madrid and Ideobox Artspace, in Miami. His work has been exhibited individually in Spain, Portugal, USA, Venezuela, etc., and has participated in group exhibitions around the world and art fairs such as ARCO Madrid, PINTA New York and PINTA London.
In the work of Andrés Monteagudo, the main element and protagonist, with whom he plays and does all a creative and research development, is the "line" (vertical and horizontal), based, at first, on the basic elements of drawing , painting, sculpture and architecture: light-shadow (light-dark) and volume-space.
In relation and continuity to his creative discourse of work and research, Monteagudo proposes mathematical-scientific thinking, (with intuition as an intermediary), as a means to discover or rediscover forms of the repetition or ordering of nature, of the universe. In this sense, he searches in intuition and imagination for the mediating elements that art and science use to nourish their knowledge processes.

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