Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro Artist

Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro

Alfredo Álvarez Plágaro (Vitoria, 1960), licensed by the University of the Basque Country in 1985, begins to paint his Equal pictures shortly after. At first he used an expressionist language to make his works. The surfaces of his paintings were covered by dozens of figurines that intertwined in a frantic way. These were formations, which, like a puzzle, fit together. The vision was unique but composed of multiple elements.
From 1990, his works adopt a different expression. Advocates a language of branded abstract character. It situates his works, composed of repeated pictures, in a different terrain, in that of the object-frames. Play constantly with the repetition of works that insinuate themselves identical, they are not. Creates serial sets that engage in a dialogue between the value of repetition and that of difference, thus establishing a point of intersection between pictorial language and aesthetic thought.
His work is in collections throughout Europe.

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