The lighting company Wästberg It emerged from the early vision of a young Swedish man after identifying a systemic flaw that prevailed in most offices and public places in the world, a problem so monumental that nobody bothered or wanted to confront it. Wästberg I wanted to return the light to human proximity. Rekindle the appreciation of sublime shadows and contrasts.
With a general low ceiling illumination and a sophisticated direct light of desk lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and pendants, the goal of Wästberg was to build a new set.
Ten years later, little has changed since the beginning. What remains is the deep respect for the most basic human need, expressed through the combination of aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and conservation of resources. And what also remains is the close collaboration with some of the most renowned architects, designers and lighting experts in the world.
Naharro furniture is official distributor of the lighting brand Wästberg with exhibition in its stores in Madrid and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.

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