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Astep It is a design lighting firm founded in 2014 by Alessandro Sarfatti, thus following the path of his grandfather, founder of Arteluce, and his father, creator of Luceplan.
Astep creates lighting pieces that contribute to the evolution of high-end luminaires. Taking lighting in new and innovative directions requires understanding and respect for tradition; For this reason, it combines the experience, the vision of the future and the passion for lighting design - which have nurtured the Sarfatti family for three generations - with new knowledge and an open mind in a continuous search for substance and meaningful design.
Honoring the tradition of Italian design and the legacy of the Sarfatti, Astep explore and challenge the art of lighting in modern life: from the creation of new lighting inventions to collaboration with visionary designers to revitalize luminous masterpieces of the past.
Naharro furniture is official distributor of the lighting brand Astep with exhibition in its stores in Madrid and online store, where you can see and buy your entire catalog.