Xano Armenter

Designer Xano Armenter

Xano Armenter (Las Palmas, Spain). He studied design and art at the Escola Eina in Barcelona (1973-1980), and landed at 1980 in the New York East Village. He works with Milton Glaser (1981-1984) and exhibits in Lower Manhattan, (like the pioneer Limbo Lounge, which gives his carpet its name).
The graffiti and the return to the figuration brand his painting developing an expressive and urban style furrowed by a deep black line of drawing that mixes the expressive sensibility and the meditated beauty of the design. Lives and works in New York and Barcelona.
Naharro furniture distributes the manufactured pieces designed by Xano Armenter in its Madrid stores and online store, with delivery and assembly service throughout Spain. Ask us for any additional information.

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