Pello Irazu

Pello Irazu Artist

Pello Irazu (Guipúzcoa, 1963) is a Spanish artist of Basque origin. Known for his sculptural skills, he also makes drawings and murals. Influenced by the Basque sculptor Jorge Oteiza, the space and its influence on artistic practices is a reference in the renewal of Basque sculpture of the 80 years. One of the main characteristics of his work is the experimentation with materials, seeking the emotion of the viewer rather than the image he projects.
After spending a short time in London, in 1989 he moves to New York, where he starts working with lighter industrial materials, plays with architectural references, deconstructs objects to reassemble them, etc. On his return to Bilbao he began a new stage in which he questioned everyday signs and in which he explored new ways of "formalizing his concerns", such as murals or pleats, a sculpture based on drawings and cut out.

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