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Loro Piana is a brand of textiles, upholstery fabrics, carpets and carpets that is characterized by the exclusivity of its fibers and materials both for use in private residences and for contract carefully chosen in their countries of origin. Sherpa and Ladak are two Typical velvets used in the cofection of curtains, designed to adapt to the home and satisfy the consumer in the luxury of softness. Loro Piana has selected a range of colors for its interior collection, both for curtains and carpets, which allow a very easy coordination contributing to create warm and neutral atmospheres.
Paola Lenti It is the leading Italian firm in the world of furniture design for both exterior and interior. Since 1994, the brand has followed a coherent and active business tactic based on research and study. The technique merges with curiosity to create fabrics that allow the firm to go beyond the traditional barriers between interior and exterior spaces. Thus, each fabric is created from the best natural or synthetic threads, to achieve efficiency and beauty. In this way, know Paola Lenti it's like finding new measured and essential design landscapes; where the opposites become complementary: past and present, interior and exterior, tradition and technology.
Ritzwell It is a design furniture firm that leads the Japanese industry, from 1992, with its vision of the world. His designs are based on an organic modernism that combines in a balanced and simple way all the beauty and grace of the materials. Each piece goes through a feedback cycle where it is evaluated and redesigned, examining both its aesthetics and its comfort. Thus, its purpose is to shed strange elements and leave only the fascination in each of the furniture. His unique designs become more beautiful over time; They are designed to be "furniture with memories" in which the shapes and finishes are perfected with use.
Maruni is the leading contemporary furniture firm in Japan, occupying the first position in this country in sales of high-end designer furniture that evoke a traditional sense. The most outstanding product of the firm are its chairs, conceived as a message of Japanese aesthetics. His collaboration with the most prestigious designers has led to the creation of new and beautiful forms that attract the attention of the whole world.
Knoll is the leading furniture firm. It has a recognized international prestige when manufacturing designs of geniuses such as Mies Van der Rohe or Eero Saarinen. Therefore, the brand is committed to innovation and design, creating spaces with imagination and vision of the future. Since its founding in New York at 1938, its goal is the integrity of design, so that its creations remain current over time.
The product Arclinea it is unique because of the exclusive executions, the fruit of an artisanal wisdom that, fed by constant study, is never lost. Tradition and professionalism are combined with technology. Just visit the factory to realize. The manual activity alternates in the different phases with automatic processes, such as the production process of the Lignum et Lapis door, or the manual application of the built-in handle of Italy, exclusive patent of Arclinea.
Vitra is a brand of contemporary furniture and accessories that develops smart, ergonomic and durable furniture solutions for home, office and public spaces. Manufactures furniture from 1957 Charles and Ray Eames in exclusive, where they emphasize a endless of classic elements that remain current today. Among them stand out the Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman armchair and the mythical Eames Chair and the Aluminum Group series, basic in workspaces.
Cassina is an Italian firm that distributes original furniture of the most important contemporary and contemporary designers. It stands out especially for his skills in the design and creation of upholstered furniture. It is involved in research and development of new processes, but maintains the tradition and historical values. The designs of the company seemed futuristic at the beginning and several were almost disconcerting. However, the time and vision of the future of the firm in continuing to present these pieces have turned them into design classics.
Flexform is one of the leading Italian furniture firms of contemporary design that exalts creativity and harmony through its furniture. There is a deep connection between product and design, consolidated through collaboration with great contemporary designers such as Cini Boeri, Joe Colombo, Sergio Asti, Rodolfo Bonetto. The products of Flexform They are loaded with memory and tradition; They are innovative in the present and open to the future, witness the beauty and comfort of the furniture of our century.